Tour MSU - Tour Options for Educators

As an educator, you know that part of encouraging students to make the most of their lives is helping them understand their potential. Exposing them to different experiences helps them see the array of opportunities before them. That’s where MSU comes in.


Campus Walking Tour

Campus walking tours are available for groups of all ages.

Residence Halls

Residence Hall Tours are available for:

  • Students grade 9 through 12
  • Families of prospective and admitted students.

MSU Dining Hall

MSU's award winning residential dining rooms are open to the public!

Admissions Presentation

The admissions presentation is available to student groups ninth grade and older and is given by an MSU Admissions Office professional. The presentation covers information about applying to MSU, campus information, and how to set yourself up for success in college.

Take advantage of our opportunities to paint a picture of all that life on a Big Ten campus offers by customizing your visit. You’ll provide students with an enriching day and see why hundreds of teachers return to our campus with their students, year after year.

All tours must be booked a minimum of three weeks in advance, with some locations requiring additional notice.

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