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Group Tours are available for groups of 10 students or more between 9th and 12th grades. 

Thank you for your interest in Michigan State University, Go Green!  


The following prompts can help you plan a campus visit:  

  1. Do you know your travel time to East Lansing?
    Noting especially lower bus speeds, construction, and heavy traffic times.

  2. Will you need to arrange parking for your transportation during your visit?
    Parking must be arranged in advance if drivers will not be staying with their vehicle.

  3. Is your group able to pay fees for certain campus options?
    MSU Tours is not able to assist financially for guests visiting campus. 

  4. Are there specific campus locations you want to see?
    Please note that not all campus locations are available for tour, i.e. athletics spaces. 

  5. Is there anything the MSU Tour Team should know about your group?
    Do you have a student who will need accommodations to participate in a campus visit?

    To book a Group Tour, please choose from the available dates on our booking website

    Click here for the MSU Tours Group Tour Booking Calendar

    MSU Tours offers group tours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the spring semester, excluding MSU Spring Break. All available dates will be visible in the calendar until booked. 

      If there are no dates that work for your group, please consider:

      Individual prospective Spartans and their support systems are invited to click here to see admissions visit options.

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office.

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