MSU Bug House

Group of People learning at the MSU Big House


Do your kids go crazy for creepy, crawly critters? If so, come visit the Bug House, located on MSU’s campus. MSU’s Department of Entomology has expanded the Bug House to include programs for children of all ages. There are collections, displays, discussions and hands-on activities. Bring the whole family to enjoy the incredible world of insects.

The Bug House showcases insects, some of earth's most numerous creatures. There are more kinds of beetles in Michigan than there are varieties of birds on earth. Bug HouseInsects range in size from moths as large  as bats to springtails smaller than grains of sand. Their life spans can last from a week to over twenty years. They live in pools of petroleum and in the brine of the Great Salt Lake. They survive the heat of Death Valley and the cold of the Antarctic coast. They are the stars of the Bug House.

Did you know that a cricket's ears are on its knees? That a fly has taste buds on its feet? Or, that an ant can lift 50 times its own body weight, the equivalent of a human lifting two small cars? Let the Department of Entomology's Bug House surprise and educate your group about the wonders of the insect world.

The MSU Bug House is located in rooms 146-147 of the Natural Science building. Tours are held by appointment only and can be arranged by contacting the Department of Entomology Bug House.

Come and see why we truly live in the age of insects.