MSU 4-H Children’s Garden


Image of the 4-H Childrens Garden

The Mission of the Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden is:

    * To promote an understanding of plants and the role they play in our daily lives
    * To nurture the wonder in a child’s imagination and curiosity
    * To provide a place of enrichment and delight for children of all ages

Expose your child to the enchanting world of the 4-H Garden. A special place created just for children and the young at heart, the garden features over 56 theme areas. The garden is a perfect place to learn about horticulture, as it allows hands-on exploration along with several interactive activities.


Image of 4-H Childrens Garden 2

For more exciting events at the 4-H Gardens, visit the 4-H Gardens Website.

There is no admission fee, but we greatly appreciate donations!